House of Salmon

Interaction Design, Visual Design, Front-End Development, Game Development, Unity, C#, React, TypeScript, Android, Java, Capacitor, Craft CMS, Phidgets

Kid sitting on a pretend motor boat handle looking at a screen with a game view of a boat.

House of Salmon is a visitation for aquaculture. Here students and other can learn about how salmon farming works and it‘s history.

While working for Back I designed and programmed experiences for several interactive installations and smartphone.

Several phones lying on a screen with a countdown and questions on them.

This included a phone app that allows participants to register points, activate various installations and play mini games connected to various installations. I worked on software for several installations, including a 3D game where you drive a boat to gather tokens tokens representing food for salmon.

Phone held in hand with a quiz with several options on the screen in front of a poster with information.

‌Photo credit: Emile Dahlman/Lars-Petter Garen